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simply_ying's Journal

11 November
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Hi, my name is Ying. I was an Interior Design major but recently changed my major to Business Administration. I was born in Hong Kong and moved to Chicago 19 years ago. I spent half a year in San Francisco. I've always been a big party girl [not as much now >____<].. but I've also been quite a nerd. I love reading and writing. I love laying around and watching dramas all day. I think that laying around with some wine while watching a drama or reading a book is the best remedy for a bad day.

If you REALLY want to get to know me more.. you can find me on my tumblr.

Interest section is being a pain in the butt so here's my interests:
Traveling. Photography. Art. Painting. Interior Design. Taiwanese, Korean, HK, & Japanese movies and dramas. Good food, wine, & liquor. Reading. Writing. Music. Singing. Dancing. MMORPGs. Final Fantasy. Fat Princess. etc.